YES is worth the risk…by Angie

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Back at the end of January, I attended the Catch the Fire conference.  During one of the sessions, the speaker challenged us in our prayer time to ask God what he wanted our YES to be that will make a difference.  He also said that we need to be able to stand alone and still say YES not just say Yes with others.  This made me realize that it is easy to say Yes with our Calvary family and not so easy without them.

So, during prayer that night, I heard God tell me to start a prayer group—at work!  After some arguing with God (yes, I tried to change His mind), I said yes to the prayer group.  I had no idea how I would go about starting a prayer group at my workplace.  After 2-3 weeks, I took a big risk and boldly sent an email to my coworkers inviting them to join me on Wednesdays at lunchtime for prayer.  In my email, I made it clear that it was voluntary and that there were no prerequisites.  The first week that I was to start, I ended up being off that whole week with pneumonia.  God always has a plan and the following week in our department we found out that they were closing a program and staff were losing their jobs.  I knew what I had to pray for at lunch, even if I was the only one who showed up.  But God was good and 2 other people showed up and we were able to pray for our coworkers and patients that would be affected by the closure.  The following week our group of 3 grew to 5!!  We had to change rooms for our prayer group as the initial room wasn’t big enough. 

Prayer group continues every week and we have seen many answered prayers from good health news, church communities finding a new space to worship in and shifts in atmosphere in our department to less negativity and more positivity.  We have also been able to pray for coworkers who have never or rarely attended a church.  God is showing up in so many ways and shining light all around us.  It has become more comfortable to talk about prayer and God’s goodness we are seeing.  God has blessed me so much with taking that risk in saying YES and I can’t wait to see the MORE he has for our prayer group and coworkers.