Salvation on university campus…by Aidan

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This week starting university, one of the goals God has set for me has been to pray for fifty people to be saved and revival to come on campus. This Sunday I was on my way to Lift church on campus hoping to grab some dinner on the way. I got there too early for church to be starting and too late to run and grab something! I sat down and prayed a small prayer over my night, and as I was praying a student came up to me and said “hey! I just got a flat tire, do you know how to change one?” I told him I didn’t know, but I was on my way to church, and there would be someone there who would. He seemed interested, and decided to come with me. We began talking about his life, and after ten minutes or so I had shared the gospel, and we were sitting in church! After the service, we found someone who could change a tire, and after he offered to drive me home. He ended up opening up about how hard these past few months had been for him, and I shared about the immeasurable love that Jesus has for him! He gave his life to Jesus at the end of the car ride!