Releasing Healing for Hips…by Debbie, Angie, Janine, Donna

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Part 1 – Debbie

I was at an Encounter Service (a night of worship and prayer) at Calvary and while I was there, one of the worship team members was asking for prayer requests. They asked if there was anyone who was experiencing right hip pain and would like to have prayer? At first, I thought oh, I have pain but there must be someone here that needs that prayer more. They asked again since no one had come forward. I thought well, I have right hip pain and so I said yes, I do. They prayed for me and my hip was healed! The next week we were at the Kingdom Culture study and I shared about my hip. 

And then…

Part 2 – Angie

At Kingdom Culture, after Debbie shared about her right hip being healed and Drew put it out there that he felt we needed to pray for more people with right sided pain:

I stepped forward and said that I have right hip pain and that I have had it for about 1 year and have been going to physiotherapy for 9-10 months.  Debbie and the rest of the group prayed for my right hip that night.  I did not feel anything that night, but 2 days later when I went to physio, I told the physio that my hip had no pain in it!  I have not taken Advil or Tylenol for my hip pain since that night.  I occasionally have a “twinge” in my right hip but I have never had the pain come back like I had for the last year!!  Yeah God!

And then…

Part 3 – Janine

At our Board retreat in the Fall, Debbie and Angie shared about their experience with healing of their hips.  I have had hip pain in my left hip for years that comes and goes.  It was flaring up that weekend and I asked them to pray for my hip.  The Board all prayed, but Angie and Debbie laid hands on my hip.  It felt very hot and not as tight.  Over the next few days it felt much better, but not 100%.  A couple of weeks later, I attended the Encounter service and Debbie was praying for anyone who had hip pain.  I went up for more prayer believing God was healing me and wanted me to press in for more.  At that time, Debbie shared that it took her a few times to receive prayer for her hip to be fully healed as well and was excited to pray for more for me.  Previously, I had pain in my hip when I climbed stairs, since that time I have not had pain in my left hip.

And then…

Part 4 – Donna

At a prayer team meeting I heard about what had happened for Debbie, Angie and Janine, and I was excited for them.  Later I thought – wait, I’ve had pain in my right hip area (bursitis actually) for a year or more, I should ask these ladies to pray for me too.  Angie was on the prayer team the following Sunday, so after church I asked her to pray for me and pass along the blessing.  She did, and my hip has felt much better than it has in months!  Something else unexpected also happened.  I have a new awareness of the things I’m doing which help and the things which aggravate the problem.  I can tell right in the moment what the impact will be, instead of waiting until later and finding out because there’s pain.  God is full of wonderful surprises!