Drew is the minister at Calvary United Church. He studied at Waterloo, U of Toronto (teacher’s college) and U of Toronto Divinity School. He’s passionate about God, people, music and his wife Tracy and two boys, Aidan and Evan (not in any particular order).

Why I do what I do.

When I was a kid, my parents dragged me to church every Sunday but I never really figured out that it’s not church that’s important — it’s about connecting with God!

After a number of years and innumerable iffy choices, I met some people who talked about God as if they knew Him personally — that was shocking but also, oddly appealing: This God who loves us irrationally is interested in being a part of lives.

That began a lifelong process of growing to know the love of God myself: at times I’ve seen God working in me and through me in overwhelming ways; at times I’ve struggled with doubt and questions about where God is. But, I wouldn’t trade any of it. I guess I’m trying to say that faith isn’t always easy but it’s so worth it.

That’s why, since those early years, I’ve been involved in numerous groups, teams and ministries but the purpose has always been the same — to help people get beyond the trappings of church and get to know God for themselves. To create ways that people can question, wonder and connect with God in ways that feel safe and ‘real’.

One more thing: over and over, I’ve watched as God connects with a person, they suddenly develop and greater love and desire to make a difference in the world around them. People start serving in the community, doing missions in the world, trying to work on their ‘stuff’ to better love those who see them everyday. That’s why I work at Calvary – because I believe God is working here to change us and help each of us know God’s love more and more and love the world around us.