Dave has led music ministry at Calvary since 2010.  He studied at University of Waterloo, and has served in music leadership in rural and urban churches in mid-western Ontario since the age of 16.

For Dave, worship is aligning ourselves to God’s heart, and responding to what the holy spirit wants to do in our midst. That translates into music that helps our souls sing, taking us from where we are and helping our spirits encounter Jesus as we sing, reflect and pray together in worship.

Dave leads our worship teams, works with Marianne and Drew to coordinate Sunday morning worship, and supports special music and worship events at the church.

You will see Dave most around the church Sunday mornings and weekday evenings for rehearsals and other events. He has a degree in computer science, spends his days working at a financial services company, and loves to travel.  Dave lives in a fixer-upper house in Kitchener where he is blessed with good friends, a big piano, and random acts of community.