On Sunday Mornings and through the week at Calvary there are opportunities for your children to connect with others who share in the precious Love of Jesus.

Nursery      Lighthouse     Vacation Bible School



Calvary’s nursery accommodates children from newborn through pre-school, and also provides a venue for families with young children to make connections with one another. We have lots of space, toys for all ages, cookies at snack time, and a quiet room for nursing moms or little ones who need a nap. Children are welcome to come to the nursery immediately upon arrival at Calvary, or to join us after participating with their families in the beginning of our Worship service. Our rotating team of adult volunteers are always ready to welcome our little ones to the nursery; parents are also welcome, but not obliged, to stay with their children if they wish. We are blessed to have many young children at Calvary, and look forward to welcoming new little friends to our nursery!

Lighthouse: Pre-school to Grade 8

Your children will find a warm and inviting place in our Lighthouse Kids program to explore who God is, how important they are to their Father and what it looks like to have a relationship with Him.   After worshipping with the Calvary family, the Lighthouse crew heads to the “Mission Room” where they then divide into smaller groups. Lighthouse uses games, music, stories, drama, cooking, crafts, video, science, soaking (prayer) and object lessons to turn teaching about God into an opportunity to have our kids enter into and deepen a living relationship with their Abba Father: a Daddy who loves them! We welcome your children to join us in Lighthouse!

Why “Lighthouse”?:  Our kid’s ministry on Sunday mornings is called “Lighthouse”. We love this name because it captures a few truths that are central to our ministry. One is that Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Just like a lighthouse in the dark of night, Jesus points the way to an abundant life!- (John 10:10). We also impart to our kids that choosing to follow Jesus leads to a living relationship with God the Father and his Holy Spirit. Through these relationships we are a light to the world – just like a lighthouse – that points the way to an abundant life for others – (Matthew 5:14-16).

When:  On Sunday mornings, kids begin in the sanctuary worshipping with our whole Calvary family. There is a time of prayer directed for our kids and Lighthouse leaders (which we call “Keepers”) after which our kids are invited to head to “Lighthouse”(program lasts approx 45 minutes). If you are visiting, you are encouraged to come out with your kids and help us sign them in to our Lighthouse program.

Who:  Our programs are designed for children aged 4-14 (grades JK-8). Grades 6-8 (Jr Youth) gather in the library and follow a similar program to the other Lighthouse small groups. Grades JK-5 meet together for a short opening before breaking into smaller workshop groups. Our small groups (5-10 kids) gather similarly aged kids and have been named by our kids. “Love Lights” is our JK/SK children and they have their own room where they meet each week. The rest of the kids are placed in three groups starting with our youngest in “Yo-J”, then “Healers@Work” and finally our oldest in “Treasure Hunters”. Each group has 2 “Shepherds” (youth leaders) that remain consistent and whose primary role is to get to know our kids and mentor them as they build relationships and assist with the weekly workshops.

Where:  Our Lighthouse rooms have been designed to be interactive, comfortable and stimulating. We have a “Kingdom Room” designed to look like a castle. This room comes out of a dream to have our kids understand and live out of their identity as royal heirs, princes and princesses: important to and loved lavishly by their Father -God the King! – (1 John 1:3). We also have a “Soaking Room” filled with bean bag chairs meant to be comfy and calming. This room was created out of a vision to see our kids not just learn about God but have space to practise spending time with him, hearing from him and talking with him. Another room has been named the “Mission Room” and comes out of recognizing that God longs for us to partner with him and be a part of his ongoing mission to bring heaven to earth – (Matthew 6:10).

Our Program:  Each Sunday our Lighthouse Keepers (leaders) along with the Shepherds (youth helpers), lead workshops for the small groups. Using scripture and God’s prompting, we create a curriculum that is child directed -specifically for our kids at Calvary! We often focus on a scripture for about 4 weeks and use different activities and rooms to bring the teaching to life. Lighthouse uses games, drama, cooking, crafts, video, science, soaking (prayer) and object lessons to turn teaching about God into an opportunity to have our kids enter into and deepen a living relationship with their Abba Father: a Daddy who loves them! We also have many special events throughout the year including a pajama breakfast, a birthday party for Jesus, a sleepover and a picnic.

Sign In and Sign Out:  We welcome visitors and friends. Visiting children are encouraged to join a group that is comfortable for them regardless of age and are signed in by our Shepherds. All children will be waiting in the Lighthouse rooms at the end of the service and are required to be signed out by an adult. If you require additional information about our Lighthouse Programs or have any questions or concerns please contact the church and ask to speak with the Lighthouse Ministry Lead.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

St Jacobs’ group for churches hosts this summer event held in the mornings for one week every year in August.  Children JK – Grade 8 are invited to attend.  Calvary hosts this event every other year and there is always a need for volunteers to – provide snacks, play with the kids, lead a group, decorate etc.