Conditions for Use of Calvary      Cleaning Guidelines      Booking Fee / Donation

If you would like to book the church for an event, please fill out and submit the form below. Someone from the church will be in contact with you to confirm the details.

Conditions for Use of the Facilities at Calvary St. Jacobs

While we welcome the use of our facility the following conditions apply:

  1. The church reserves the right to contact the user for cancellation and/or rescheduling due to a conflict of the use of the facility such as but not limited to funerals.
  2. Any damage to church property including the building and/or equipment must be repaired or replaced at the user’s expense, to the approval of the church committee.
  3. The user shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons admitted to the church building and grounds.  Please be considerate of other groups within the church facilities or on the church property.
  4. The church must be left neat and tidy and all equipment, tables, chairs etc. shall be returned to their proper place.  (Instructions for clean-up procedures will be given)
  5. There shall be no alcohol, gambling or smoking within the church facilities or property.
  6. Food and/or beverages are not allowed in the sanctuary.  The fellowship hall, youth room and boardroom are the only designated rooms in the church building for food consumption.
  7. Approval is required before use of kitchen or sanctuary AV equipment. Use of such items may require an experienced member to operate the required equipment and may incur added fees.
  8. Approval for the use of this facility will lie with the discretion of the church designate given this responsibility on behalf of the church.  Approval will be made on a first come basis provided the use is consistent with the church mission statement.
  9. You will be designated to remain in the area and adjacent washrooms approved for your function due to building security requirements.
  10. If these rules are not adhered to, the user may be asked to leave, and further use prohibited.
  11. Calvary Designate Member is required to attend the event to be covered by the  Calvary’s insurance policy.  Members will be required to pick up and drop off building key from designated person or the lock box at time of use.
  12. Upon discretion of the church, a designated supervisor may or not be present during church usage.


Cleaning Guidelines

Please remember when using any room in our church it is very important to leave the room as you found it.  Lighthouse (Sunday School) workers will come in during the week to set up the room for Sunday.  Please be sure to put everything back as they have set it up.

General Cleaning

  • Floors: All floors must be swept and dirt collected and put in the garbage.  Pick up dirt from carpets and vacuum if necessary.
  • Spills: All spills must be cleaned with cloth and water only.  Please report any spills that require additional attention to custodial staff and they will treat it with specific cleaners.
  • Garbage: All garbage must be properly collected, bagged and stored outside in the bin at the back of the church.
  • Recycling Please use recycle bin for all recyclable products.
  • Damaged: Report any damaged (not working) equipment to the custodial staff.
  • Lights and Doors: Please ensure that all lights are turned off and that doors are closed between the different areas of the church.


  • Dishwashing: Follow dishwashing 3 sink procedure with bleach, as posted on kitchen wall.
  • Counters: All table tops, counters and especially stoves must be cleaned with cloth and mild soap or disinfectant / cleaner as required. No food remains should be left on burners or in oven. 
  • Linens:  All linen towels and tablecloths are YOUR responsibility.  Please take home, launder and return to the church as soon as possible.

Suggested Fee  / Donation for Booking Calvary Church Rooms

$350.00    Sanctuary – based on up to 4 hrs. use (capacity 350-400)

$ 225.00    Gym/Fellowship Hall – based on up to 4 hrs. use (capacity 350-400)

$ 175.00     Kitchen – Full Kitchen – meal preparation and serving

$ 75.00                     – Kitchen Serving Only

$  50.00     Youth Room, Class Room, General room usage

Custodial Fee  

$ 100.00    Weddings/Funerals/Large Dinners

$ 50.00      Other Events

Additional Fees

$ 100.00    Use of Sound System with attendant