Overflowing goodness

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So many goodness of God moments as youth gathered for backfieldfest on the weekend!

  • Close to 100 people (including Calvary volunteers and visitors) came to be a part of this year’s backfieldfest. That’s double from last year!  Our reach was also further than “just” camp connections.  We had kids from as far as Niagara Falls, Sarnia, and Burlington.  We had new youth leaders come with a crew of kids as part of their youth programming.  
  • Overall there was a deep sense of ease over all the logistics of the weekend!
  • We had favourable weather! While a bit chilly in the evening, we had the perfect day to play, worship and the window of non-rain all weekend! 
  • Kathy Douglas, who is part of the new United Church regional leadership (Faith Formation Director) attended and was in complete awe of what God is doing in and through our church.   She is a key person in advocating/networking with the grants we receive as well.  Impressed is an understatement of how she responded to the event and culture!
  • The worship times were powerful and anointed.   Stepping deeper in spontaneous worship and spirit-filled times with God as we sang.   We stepped out in faith and didn’t plan any specific teaching or word – confident God would speak to what needed to be released.  Powerful words were declared by our worship leaders, and Kelly delivered a word which led to creating an opportunity for people to say “yes, I want to follow you” – some for the first time, others taking a step deeper, further. I got to pray for two young gals who gave their life to Jesus!!! Does it get better than that?!  
  • One young woman was ministered to over the weekend and after being part of our worship service on Sunday, and hearing the testimonies of our kids, decided she wanted to be baptized too!  Praise God! 
  • We are a church that loves to support, serve, and make dreams happen!  Electrical cables set out, master sound systems set up, trailers delivered, letters to neighbours delivered, hot dogs made, meals prepped, sleep sacrificed, worship sets prayed over, grounds prepped and cleaned up… I could go on and on…
  • We are a church that listens, leans in, and responds when God nudges – to the birth of this event out of a prophetic vision; to the ministry that happened all weekend.  It was a collective work of the body leaning in to hear and respond to what God was asking us to do and release! 
  • We are a church that values our youth and its generation of passionate Christians AND prodigal wanderers.  Thank you for the prayers lifted before & during prayer ministry time, and I invite you to keep praying for the youth who encountered Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit this weekend. I’ve already received some encouraging testimonies! God is not done! New things were released in and out of our community this weekend!