I Made Time…by Kelly

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A few weeks ago, I was spending some time with the Sr Youth and we were asking God to show us areas of our lives that were not full of hope to see if there was a lie we were believing. Like many people, I had a number of things coming up which were making me feel overwhelmed. I asked God “what is the lie I am believing?”. Right away, I realized I was thinking “You can’t possibly do all the things God wants you to do in the time you have to do them.”. Yup – that was it. So I asked God “What is the truth?” and very simply God said “I am not bound by time – I made it!”. It felt very simple but was powerful in my mind that night. So here I am 2 weeks later, finding time to write this testimony after walking through 3 very busy weeks. I even have the Lighthouse lessons plans done for the whole month and my reports in before the final date for the annual report! I have worked full-time at the school, ran 2 leadership events, ran a Lighthouse sleepover, taken my dad out for a dad-daughter evening, went and visited my grandma, been away at a conference, planned and shopped for the Costa Rica Spaghetti lunch, started to plan a leadership class for kids,.. and it is not because I stayed up late and stressed… it was truly a gift from God who is not controlled by time.  He will make a way for us – he is not bound by time.