Holes in the Fence…by Kelly

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So Rhonda and I were at the Catch the Fire conference in Toronto and stayed at a hotel that was within walking distance from the church by Pearson Airport. We left the first morning to walk down to the church in snowy cold conditions and realized 20 minutes into the walk that we had taken a wrong turn. The highway we had ended up on was beside industrial buildings and was separated by a large chain link fence. We needed to be on the other side of the fence but were stuck retracing our steps on the highway with large trucks racing by creating sloppy snowy spray. There were a few spots where the fence was bent but the sharp metal at the top made it dangerous to climb over. As we were walking I said “There needs to be a hole in the fence. Wouldn’t it be great if it was right there!” and I pointed ahead to a bush beside the fence. As we got closer I looked and noticed – the fence stopped and started again 3 feet later. There was in fact A HOLE IN THE FENCE! Rhonda and I enjoyed this small blessing as we crossed into some industrial streets and made our way to the church. I felt God say “This week you will experience my favor with many holes in the fence.”

As the week continued, we did experience that favour. 

  • We found seats together on comfy seats for our Calvary group 4 out of 5 days (a small miracle in itself!)
  • We were the last of a small group of people allowed in early one day to set up chairs and claim early seats
  • We had aisle seats the day Heidi Baker and Carol Arnott came around to personally bless people
  • We got back to the hotel room earlier than expected a few nights (we thought it was much later and were surprised to find it was as early as it was)

But here is the greatest part. I was sharing this experience with someone in the coffee line one morning at the conference. She was sharing that she wanted to be able to run (she could not because of health concerns). I told her God wanted her to hold out for holes in the fence. As she got close to the front she realized they had run out of the juice she wanted. I said “God is going to give you holes in your fence”. Wouldn’t you know it – when she got up to the front and inquired – they had one juice left off to the side.  She laughed and turned to me and said “Maybe I should ask God for a comfy chair too!” (she was back on folding plastic chairs that day). No word of a lie – her phone vibrates – her friend has found 2 chairs in the padded chair section closer to the front.

God loves to bless us with holes in the fence. They point to a good Father! Too fun!!