His Presence…by Darlene

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As Christmas was approaching, I was sometimes struggling to feel His presence. The days were moving too quickly, and as I prepared for Christmas Day, I tried to remind myself – the reason for the season.

I have to admit, I get caught up in the lights, trees and decorations. I thoroughly enjoy the build up of the season, the decorating, the potlucks, the parties, and then it was here, the days to celebrate the birth of our saviour. 

I think back to a praise team practice a little over a month ago.  I was a fill-in for the other praise team, and we were short a few bodies. It was just me and the guys!  Panic started to set in as I realized I didn’t have the safety of my other dudettes.  I had to actually sing, I couldn’t hide behind the voices of the other ladies.  For some reason I heard a voice inside my head, “sing like no one is listening!” So I did!

Someone walked to the doorway of the sanctuary as we played, placed both hands on the door jams and listened.  I could feel the smile across His face as He beamed with pride.  I looked to the door, I saw no one.  Do you know how large a span the door jams are? Yeah!

 We continued our practice, and again, I could feel the presence and the pride of a loved one looking in on His kids as they worshiped.  I looked to the doorway, I did not see anyone, but I felt someone, someone proud of us, the way a parent looks to their child and sees greatness in all they do!  I could feel Him saying He was so proud of us!

During that practice, I continued to feel Him in the doorway, like a lover or a parent. When He walks in the room and looks at you, you feel Him, and you feel His love. I cannot wait until I feel our Father’s presence watching over again.  It was such a sense of peace, love, acceptance and greatness all at once!