Hearing From God…by Angie

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Often, I feel that I cannot hear God’s words, especially for other people.  One night while at Kingdom Culture we did this activity where we were standing in 2 lines facing each other.  We were to give the person across from us the word (or picture) that God said to us.  I felt nervous about this as I wasn’t sure that I would be able to hear any words from God.  And the word that God gave me for the person in front of me was “ladder”.  I thought, how silly.  See I can’t hear God’s words for other people.  But I told the person in front of me the word was ladder.  And to my surprise, the word ladder was very important/meaningful to that person.  So, it reminded the person about what God had been saying to them, but it was really meaningful to me to affirm that I can hear from God for other people and I need to stop believing the lie that I cannot!!