Healing Prayers…by Geoff

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  1. I met a friend for lunch one day during the middle of both of our workdays. My friend told me near the start of our lunch that he was having a migraine that day which was both a bit bothersome and also a bit unusual for him.  We still had lunch, were catching up, talking about friends, family, and among other things I was sharing about great things going on at the church.  After we had eaten my friend suggested that it occurred to him to ask me to pray for his migraine so I did right then and there in the café we were in.  I finished praying and he said that his migraine had left and that it left when he asked me to pray, before I had really said any words.


  1. While driving to a meeting at Calvary one evening, I felt an unexpected and unusual sensation in my face. It’s a bit hard to describe but my attention was drawn to a specific part of my face, the bones there, and the feeling of pressure on them.  It wasn’t painful for me, but I thought of how it could definitely be painful for others experiencing this.  I knew that God could use a word of knowledge like a picture, impression, or in this case a physical pain in my body that I didn’t personally have, to highlight something that He wanted to do for someone else.  I hadn’t been thinking about it as I drove, it just happened, and luckily, I was aware of what God might be doing.  The sensation left me at some point on the drive to the meeting, but near the end of the meeting as we were wrapping up, I asked the group of about 15 people if anyone had a problem with pain related to the bones in their face – describing what I felt on the drive earlier.  Someone spoke up and said that they had been having this type of consistent pain for some time around their jaw joints very much in line with what I felt.  We gathered around and prayed for the person for that specific thing and they said the pain was 80% gone right then and there after we prayed.  A very significant improvement for them.  I checked in a few weeks later with the person and the pain was still 80% gone.  As always, we keep praying for 100%.