Healed Hearts…by Janine

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Early in November, Wayne was admitted to ICU after a trip to ER with difficulty breathing.  In the first few hours, they determined it was either heart failure or a lung clot.  We quickly reached out to friends to pray. He spent one week in the ICU, and our friends prayed for specifics along the way as we knew them:

  • we prayed his heart rate would stabilize so he could go through all necessary tests – and it did
  • we prayed he would get a bed at St Mary’s so he could continue his tests – and it happened
  • we prayed he wouldn’t need surgery – and he didn’t
  • we prayed for provision during his time off work – and God has generously provided in a number of ways

One week after being admitted in the ICU, Wayne was released from hospital and was bound and determined to get to church to be encouraged and express his gratitude.

God is so incredibly good.  We saw prayers answered left, right and centre.  When things seemed lonely or discouraging, God reminded us we were not alone – we were surrounded by “a great cloud of witnesses” praying from the sidelines, and offering words of comfort, encouragement, and most importantly TRUTH via email and texts and in person.

Wayne and I have been blown away by the goodness of God, and of our community.