God’s Provision…by Lorie

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When I think of God’s provision, I think of worldly things like food and housing. But He provides in so many more ways.

I normally walk first thing in the morning with 2 neighbours 3 days a week but over the holidays we weren’t going regularly. I told myself to go by myself but it’s easy to make excuses (I’ll go later when it’s warmer).  One particular day, I was feeling a bit lonely and had talked myself out of going for a walk but God provided!

Even though Cathy usually walks indoors in the winter, she was spurred to walk outside that day with her walking partner. So she asked me how the Mill Race trail was. I said we hadn’t walked that morning… but then God nudged me to ask if I could go along with them.

God provided me with the exercise I needed, the fellowship I needed and evidence of how He provides for me. He is a good, good loving God!