God’s Love, Grace and Protection…by Sharon

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For many years now, I have always asked for God to protect and guide my time on the road as well as those I love!!  On Wed Nov 28, I was making the trip from Tavistock to London for a seminar at the London Convention Centre.  It was an icy morning in London.  The drive into London via Dundas Road was uneventful, only interrupted by two sections of construction and slight detours.  Parking lots and sidewalks were a bit icy so extra care walking to the convention center….and only $5 to park for the morning, bonus!!

It was an interesting and informative time of listening and learning.  My only moments of concern were that I had forgotten my cell phone and this was the second day missing the luxury of connection.  Dave was monitoring it for me at home so no need to worry!!

It was on my ride back home on Dundas St, which is a busy street in London I found out, (reminded me of Victoria St in Kitchener)… that while watching for my turn, I missed a car stopped at the lights in front of me and when I saw him and braked it was seconds too late and I had rear-ended him!  All of my best intentions to leave lots of space when following, especially on the highway, were not effective at this moment!!

In the time I had to brake, I couldn’t tell if I was also sliding on the greasy road enough to connect my front license plate into his rear license plate.  The gentleman was out of his car to assess the situation while I rolled down my window to wave at the policeman passing by us.  I had noted him several cars behind me just a few moments before.  The officer stopped in time to ask the gentleman what had happened and the instructions were to go to the accident reporting place.  The officer backed up and gave me the same instructions through our open windows.  I needed specific directions as I am not familiar with London.  On my way back to report I was concerned about the man I hit, was he angry?  How was I to call for help without my cell phone?

The gentleman I hit, Paul, an older fellow, met me in the parking lot and we looked at our vehicles.  He was kind, considerate, helpful as I was trying to decide what I needed to do.  He said he was willing to drive on as all that was touched was his license plate on his 2005 vehicle that had over 300,000km on it.  As we chatted, I was asking for direction for the “right thing to do!”  No cell phone but I wanted to call Dave for his advice and finding a phone in a Government office is also difficult.  They gave me a phone to call but I could not reach Dave.  I realized I needed to decide during the moments that we were chatting and I was sensing the grace being granted to me by this kind man!!

We exchanged names and information and I came back home to call my insurance…the end of this story is still a work in progress!!

A police officer arriving within a moment and a driver not filled with road rage to remind me of my fault!!!  Thank-you God for your love, grace and protection in all of it!!