God’s in control…by Dave S

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I’ve had the opportunity to lead a significant change initiative this year in the corporate environment where I work, and we had some significant setbacks this past week – disappointing enough to impact sleep and lose some focus.

In our “More” worship Thursday night, I received a picture of being on a large cruise ship in open seas, on deck holding a toy steering wheel that didn’t appear to be connected to anything – and other passengers looking at me oddly, thinking “what is he doing?”

I understood this is how I saw myself this week, feeling powerless and more than a bit foolish. I asked God to show me where he saw me, expecting some kind of leadership or connected steering wheel to emerge, but he just said quietly and clearly:

I control the boat.
and I control the ocean!”

If you’re feeling in any way under-powered or disconnected in your workplace today, know that God has placed you there with a purpose and he is Lord of all he has surrounded you with.