God’s Grace…by Dave P

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I make drones (small, flying robots) for a living – or, rather, I work at a company that makes drones.  If you happen by the church during regular business hours, you may see us test flying them over the soccer field.

A few weeks ago, we had an important flight demonstration.  It started at 8am (which meant setting up at 7am) and the forecast called for rain, and it couldn’t be rescheduled.  This demo was important (really important).

From 7am on, the morning was a comedy of technical errors which are not worth recounting here.  And it was pouring rain.  Without getting overly technical, prototype drones and water don’t mix well.

So, I prayed.  A short “foxhole” prayer that went something like: “Dear God, Please Stop The Rain. Amen.” (It was a bit longer, but whatever other sentiments I may have expressed, my heart was in the “Stop The Rain” bit.) And, of course, the rain stopped.

Even better, when we got to the next stage of the demo and the next drone on the flightline was malfunctioning (we saw this; the customers did not…yet), God started the rain again.  Everybody decided it was far better to end the demo and retreat indoors…so our misbehaving little aircraft was spared any scrutiny, whatsoever.

I need to repent – probably many of us do – for somehow thinking that rain is outside of God’s scope of ability or interest.

Afterward, when people remarked about how convenient / coincidental / lucky it was that we had a window of dry weather that opened and closed at exactly the right time, I observed that I was praying, and God stopped the rain.  Not typical work conversation.

It also struck me that this whole episode is an illustration of God’s grace.  Veggie Tales defines Grace as “unmerited favour”…and everything about this situation (me, personally; the drones; the company), did not merit any particular favour. But what I do know is that God works for the good of those who love him, and who are called according to his purpose.