God’s deep longing for relationship…by Aidan

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Coming into my Discipleship Training Studies [at YWAM in Redding California], I knew that God loved me and cared for me, but I never truly realized just how impersonal and distant I viewed God. During our worship night last Friday, I was praying for deeper connection with Jesus. Two staff members laid their hands on my shoulders and started praying encouragement over me. All of a sudden, I was brought into the presence of God, and He began bringing memories that had been painful to mind, and showing me where He was in the midst of each situation! I really understood in that moment, the deep love and connection that He has always desired for me. This week our lecture topic was the Character and Nature of God, and through Jeremiah 2, God showed me how He could relate to me, with emotions, and a personality. For the first time I saw Him as a person who can be hurt, who deeply longs for us to be connected to Him, and above all wants for our true heart to love Him and be in relationship with Him.