Glory in the Everyday…by Janine

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Today, as I was driving to work, I was very aware of being very stressed.  Feeling like I can’t do enough to check all the boxes in my world these days – at work, home, church, etc.  I was especially wondering about work – “can I do this? is this job too much for me?” 

Before I had left for work this morning, I asked God to show me His glory in the every day – today.  

When I got to work, I turned on some worship music so it could just pour over me as I worked.  A friend texted me and I shared with her that I was feeling stressed.  She said she would pray for me and reminded me that God placed me here and urged me to trust Him.  In that, God reminded me that my first job is to be His daughter.

Time passed – the music was off, there was no more texting.  I was simply sitting at my desk working – doing something mundane and not at all mindfully-spiritual – when all of the sudden, the core of my abdomen started pulsing and I sensed God’s peace pulsing through me and pouring over me at the same time.  I closed my eyes to just rest in it and enjoy.  I focused on Him and thanked Him for His peace and presence.  And He reminded me that He has me.  He is here.  And that I am supposed to be here.  He said that He has work to do through me – and asked if I could trust Him, even when it didn’t look neat and tidy.  Even when it wasn’t going smoothly.  He reminded me that His definition of success is different than mine.  Different than the business world.  He wants to pour through me when things don’t go well.  He has work to do here.  I’m in the right spot.  Glory in the every day.


God is incredible.