Calvary raises Kingdom Builders…by Carly

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For the two Junior Camps (ages 9-11 and 10-13) at Silver Lake Camp, the theme of the week is God’s Kingdom and being Kingdom Builders.

!The Camp Director, Jamie, does the Vespers teaching on our first night of camp to set the tone for the theme for the week. He then continues teaching sessions throughout the week to build on this idea of God’s Kingdom and how we each play a part in bringing God’s Kingdom to earth.

To start, Jamie has everyone close their eyes and imagine a Medieval Kingdom. We are encouraged to think of the people who might be in this kingdom, the types of buildings there are, the roles people play, who is in charge, the lifestyles, etc. Then, we open our eyes and Jamie calls on campers to share some of their ideas of what might be part of a Medieval Kingdom. Campers shout out ideas such as “King,” “Queen,” “Peasants,” “Jesters,” “castle,” “Pages,” “Royalty,” etc.

Then Jamie poses the question, “Who rules the Kingdom? Who is the leader?” and the obvious response is, “The King!” The campers are then asked to share their ideas on what they imagine characteristics of a King to possess. Some of the answers were “bossy,” “powerful,” “self-serving,” “powerful,” “rich,” ruler,” etc. When Tori Gayman (one of our Calvary kids!) was called on, she said “kind and caring,” being a very different perspective of a King than what most kids were thinking of.

We are then asked to close our eyes again and imagine God’s Kingdom. Again, we are to imagine the people, the roles, etc. When Jamie asked, “who rules God’s Kingdom?” some responses were, “no one,” “people,” “pastors,” “churches,” “God is all around, so no one really rules,” then again, Tori said “Gods Kingdom is ruled by Jesus.”

Jamie smiled and mentioned that Tori comes from a really cool church that has a whole Sunday School room called the Kingdom Room where they are taught about Jesus being King and how that was pretty awesome!

It was such a good moment and made me so happy and privileged that I am part of a church family that is raising incredible Kingdom Builders!