Abundant Life…by Kathryn

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I can look back over my life and see how God has been present, guiding, protecting all along the way, but I can also, on this side of the journey so far, see where and how I many times didn’t get the message or chose to ignore it and think my way was better – not intentionally or rebelliously – simply because I wasn’t in tune with Holy Spirit.  It is a journey itself, learning to hear and recognize His voice coming through all the distracting voices that the world offers.  But He is ever faithful.  And He has so much He wants us to experience and wants to experience WITH us.  Let me share a story about a couple of years ago.

I was challenged “to participate in a fun day with a team of people that were zip-lining or mini golfing in Collingwood, whichever we would prefer.  My immediate thought was “It’ll be mini golfing for me, the other would totally freak me out.”  Then I was challenged to face and overcome my fear, but no pressure, my decision will be respected.  As I thought about it, I struggled with the vision of what the scenery would be like – I would love that – and if things went wrong what would happen to me because freak accidents do happen and from that high up, I would be just a splat on the ground.  The next thought that kept nagging at me was “Am I afraid to die?”  I determined that “No, I’m not afraid to die, I’m just not so sure about the pain in the process”.  That took me to thinking about all the pain that God suffered on my behalf through Jesus’ sacrifice so that I could have LIFE ABUNDANTLY.  Then I had a vision of a HUGE being, whose feet were solidly on the ground and His body stretched higher than the zip-line and I was “cradled” in big hands as I travelled down the entire line.  From that moment, the decision was zip-lining because I KNEW that no matter what, on that day, in that space of time, I would be HELD in His hands.

As the day approached I many times felt a mixture of anxiety and excitement.  On that day, as we received our instructions and got harnessed up for the ride, I was constantly asking God to open my ears to hear the things I needed to remember to do and open my eyes to see all that I could during the ride.  I didn’t allow myself to give in to my feelings and held the vision I had been given in the forefront of my mind.  My physical body responded to what was happening in the physical – I remembered how to work the brake so I wouldn’t go too fast to miss the view but not too slow either and get stopped half way there and have a problem getting going fast enough again to complete the last stretch that levelled out before the platform where you can disembark.  I marvelled at the gorgeous view I experienced and in those brief moments was thankful I had chosen to zip-line.  The emotions of it all when I got to the platform caused my blood pressure to drop and I was so shaky I had to be helped to the chair they had there and had to sit for a while to regain strength and balance to leave the platform safely.

The lingering memory, though, is the vision I had beforehand and the exhilaration of the view during the ride.  Does God want us to experience abundance?  Indeed, He does, in soooo many ways.  He wants us to experience LIFE…..WITH…..HIM….. to its fullest, regardless of our feelings or circumstances.  There is no greater gift.

May you be blessed this Christmas.